Covid 19 playing guidelines

The current situation

It is now possible to play club badminton but to do so we need to create a set of procedures which will allow you play Badminton safely.  Many of you will already have a keen understanding of the sort of things (bubbles, sanitising, track and trace, social distancing, advanced booking etc) we will be having to put in place to make this a safe environment.

It is imperative we get this right so we do of course need everyone to play their part in adhering to the rules in the interests of every ones safety. There will be some slight but important changes to the way we manage club night / sessions going forward.

Apart from the Covid 19 related restrictions you cannot just turn up anymore – you have to book and pay in advance.

As in stands there will be no league badminton until next year.

Covid 19 club night playing procedures

The full procedures are below. Please read the thoroughly and you must adhere to them. There will be no exceptions.

The sessions will be run by the Viking Covid 19 Officer who take responsibility for ensuring all procedures are met. As we are not sure how many of you will want to play or feel able to play we have decided to make the session ‘pay as go’; hopefully in time moving to full club night as restrictions are lifted. Your annual membership fee will not require paying until full club nights return and then it will be paid pro rata based on what portion of the season remains.

While it will not be quite the club night you know, it is as close as the rules allow. I hope you will agree it will just be great to be playing Badminton again, with a return to full Badminton to follow as conditions and infection rates fall. .

The sessions will be organised as follows:

The first session will be Tuesday 8th September 2020

Venue: Everest Community Centre

Time: 7.30 to 9.30  – note new end time.

No of Courts 3. NB: We will increase/decrease this number as per demand

Fees: £7.50 – adults: Juniors £3.75

Visitors: £7.50: maximum 3 sessions

Before you play

  1. You must pre-book attendance at club night. Booking must be done via the BAE playwaze app. There will be the ability to pay for your session too via the app. Full details of how to access it will be forwarded in the next few days
  2. There will be no changing facilities on site, please come ready.
  3. If you, or a member of your household or support bubble, are suffering from any symptoms, or have suffered any symptoms in the last 14 days, or have been asked to self-isolate because of a work based contact or a request via the Test and Track system please do not come to club.
  4. The club needs to retain details of attendees in each group for a minimum of 21 days for the NHS Test and Trace system.

On the Night

  1. Please come ready to play – there are no changing facilities on site.
  2. There will only be one toilet in use at the centre
  3. Do not enter the hall before our designated time and or as invited by the Covid 19 Officer.
  4. Please sanitise your hands when entering the hall.
  5. There will be groups of 6 maximum per court – this makes the maximum attendees per night 18 (3 courts) at any one time. You must stay within this group of 6 for the night.  These groups of 6 can alter for subsequent weeks and will selected for you by the committee before you arrive. We will do our best to give you a good evenings badminton.
  6. There will be a member of the committee as the Covid-19 officer on the night and will direct you to which court you will be playing on.
  7. Each court will be allocated shuttles.
  8. Please place your bags behind the court you are allocated to use.
  9. When waiting off, please wear a face mask.
  10. Limit interaction with players from a different court.
  11. Always use your own racket(s).
  12. Spectators are not permitted.

During Play

  1. Singles or doubles play is permitted.
  2. Each court can organize their own play within the 6. Please ensure that this is fairly distributed so all players get games.
  3. Please sanitise your hands before going on and when coming off court.
  4. Stay within your court boundary – no chasing shuttles that have gone onto another court if it is in use.
  5. Avoid picking up the shuttle with your hand where possible – use your racket, particularly if returning it to another court.
  6. Try to stay 2m away from other players as far as possible.
  7. Avoid physical contact with other players – no shaking hands or high fives at the end.
  8. All shuttles are to be placed in the allocated box which will be located by the exit door. Please ensure all shuttles are placed in here by the end of the night.

After play

  1. Please sanitise your hands before you leave.
  2. There are no changing facilities on site – please shower at home.
  3. Go straight to your car or other method of transport and do not linger in the car park.
  4. If you become ill with Covid-19 symptoms within 14 days of play, please notify the club immediately.

Be Aware

The club will need to pass on your contact details if requested by the Track and Trace system.

If you do not follow the rules, you may be asked to leave the hall.

If you show symptoms you may be asked to leave the session for the safety of all other players